Feb 5th
So as per usual, we've been working on stuff. Our new EP "Day Dream Disorder", a music video, blah blah blah. But hey. Come check us out here:
(Click for more details)

It'll be stupid, we promise.
- Vile


January 5th
Hey There! We've been working on some stuff. Specifically, we filmed a music video for our upcoming track "Sick", about an asylum patient that doesn't belong...or do they? We've also been lining up plenty of shows for January and February! And naturally, we're still working on tracks to bring you our debut album due for summer of 2015. Hope we see ya around at a show! Or anytime, really. We're pretty friendly.

Jan 9th
: BK Wildlife Presents: 12 Days Of Art at Don Pedro! 9:00 pm
Jan 22nd: Circadian Clock @ The Way Station! - 9:00 pm - $10
Jan 24th: Acoustic set for the Patchwork Variety Show @ The Treehouse! 9:30 pm, $5
Jan 31st: Circadian Clock @ Pianos! Supporting Janna Pelle, with Janbi
Feb 6th: Hunter College "Faculty Plays". 7:00 pm, FREE
Feb 14: Valentine's Day Party @ Black Bear w/ Sister Helen, Izzy Zay & The Inmates, and more! It's a female forward night, with each band having a powerful lady in the mix! We got games, drinking games, prizes, a few surprises, and a whole lot of love. It's also a fundraiser for women's education efforts in different parts of the world, so come on, bro!

Seeee yaaaa!
- Vile

December 14th
Hey Y'all! We're looking forward to rocking out The Bitter End for Mikey's Birthday on the 19th! Aside from that, we've been up to a ton! We did an acoustic set at Manhattan Neighborhood Network Network, where we were interviewed by our friend Jean Lee. You can peep our track "Sick" here!

In addition, we have amazing news. Bacon now comes in a spreadable form called Bacon Jam, which is the greatest fucking thing that has ever happened. The kind souls who brought this to us featured our upcoming track "Alive" in their commercial. It's awesome. Check it out!

Also, we were recently interviewed by the analysts and true music lovers at Crash Chords! If you want the exclusive details about our upcoming concept album, the band history, and a thorough look into our music, you're gonna want to listen in.

We got more in store! Stick around. We got some goodness for ya.


November 10th
Haaaappy Biiiiirthday to Mikeondecember19thathebitterend,
Haaaappy Biiiiirthday to Thisslampigrighthere,
Haaaappy Biiiiiirthday dearest Mr. Delfino, aka That dude wearing a tutu covered in blood, aka Mr. B, aka Shamtaylayshooftie,
Haaaappy Beeeerday to YOUUUUUUUU!!! <3 xoxo

We're celebrating Mikey's Birthday bash on December 19th at The Bitter End, courtesy of Razor Boy Music. There will be cake! Strings! Music! Flights of Fancy, Trickery and other such sort nonsense for what have you. Save the date and make sure you're there - because we know how to birthday as well as we know how to make nouns into verbs.

See ya!

November 1st
So Halloween came and went, and what a crazy time that was! Thanks to God Tiny, UNB, and Fire and the Romance for playing, thanks to Elite Orbit Entertainment for dancing, thank you to Lone Wolf for having us and letting us JAMPACK the place, thank you to Citizen Ink, Brooklyn Timber, Danny Wilkes, and Taylor The Motherfucking Pirate for donating your time and talents, and of course, thank YOU GUYS for coming! You can taste a sample of the craziness here:

We got a couple of show announcements and special releases for you guys this month, so stick around and come party with us later!

With love or something,

October 5th
Hey! Are you ready for Halloween? Fuck no you're not! This year, we went all out: we got games, costume contests, drinking contests, comedians, insane prizes like custom skateboards and tattoos, burlesque dancers, a wheel of doom, a black v
ampire pimp with a peg leg and his crew of vampire gogo dancers, a medieval stock, pool tables, the drinks are cheap, and best of all, the event is FREE!! We'll be rocking with Incuria, God Tiny, and our homies Fire And The Romance, and the always hilarious Griffin Newmann Newmann will be hosting, so it's gonna be a night of seriously good music and seriously insane shit. AND, any money we raise goes towards fighting the Ebola outbreak in Africa. COME GET DRUNK FOR GOOD!

September 26th
Last night, we played one of our favorite shows of our lives. Thank you to everyone who came out, thank you to 3P Music Productions, and thank you to Lord Classic, Mariko, and Dialogue From A Silent Film.

Stick around! We got A Halloween Party and more planned and more!
- Vile

September 19th
BIG NEWS!! Circadian is HEADLINING at The Knitting Factory this Thursday, the 25th!! We're playing with Dialogue From A Silent Film, Mariko, and Lord Classic! Doors open at 7:30, it's 18+, and tickets are $10 online and $12 at the door. Couldn't be more psyched to be playing! We got some new tunes for you, and we can't wait to assault your ears with sound.
Click the pic for a link to the fb event/ticket site!

We got some more goodies on the way for you, but we'll cross them bridges when we get there. See you soon, lovelies!

- Vile

September 7th

Well hey there! We've been quite busy lately! Just played the Brooklyn Wildlife Summer Festival, thanks to everybody who came out, and Brooklyn Wildlife for having us! Head on over to our facebook later this week to peep some fan videos of our performance!
Secondly, We got more write ups! First from the lovely folks over at Indie Minded, and the second from our friend Luis Vasquez over at Broken Records Magazine! You all deserve fruit baskets filled with only the finest yields.
Click the pictures below to head over to the articles!

And finally, we got more shows coming up for you! On the 20th, we're playing the McKibbon Roofs, On the 27th we're playing Dead Eye's album release show out in Jersey, and a BIG halloween show. More details on that last one soon, but believe me - that shit's not even gonna MAKE sense. You'll wanna be there.
See you kiddies soon!

- Vile

August 20th
Golly Gee! Lookit this lovely write up of Circadian Clock by Matt Storm of Crash Chords!Much thanks to Matt and the guys over at Crash Chords for the love!
With a little spring in my step,

August 15th, 2014
Brightside, in all it's chicken rockin, zebra twerkin, boa feathered glory.

Love, Peace, and Booty,

August 10th, 2014

Hello hello! We've been busyin' up a STORM over at the CC headquarters. First off, the video is coming out this Friday, the 15th, so stick around for that!! We redid-ed the track for "Brightside", so you can peep that (and download it for FREE) here!

We got some shows lined up for you kiddies as well! August 16th, we got a rooftop show at the McKibbin lofts roof from 4 to 7 with Steal The Thief!
We're also honored to be playing the Brooklyn Wildlife Festival this year! September 6th at the Paper Box. Check out this bill (including our homies, No Shoes)

We got more news on the way, kiddos. Hang tight and we'll see ya soon.

Only somewhat sincerely,


July 17th, 2014

Hey there! We got some shows coming up for you! First, if you're in New Jersey, you can catch us at 'The Final Barn Show VI'! Check the facebook event here:
August 2nd, make SURE you catch our video release party for our track "Brightside"! We'll be playing with Sister Helen and Going Green, so you KNOW that shit's gonna be dope.
And finally, on August 16th, we have a rooftop show in Brooklyn! More info on that as it comes.
Stick around for the video release, comin' at ya soon!

Love, love love!


July 7th, 2014

We got some cool photos, though. Check out all of the photos from our shoot with the talented Jewel Frankfeldt Photography company by checking out our "pics" section!

Click the pic below to see other select photos from the shoot!

Stay tuned for more!

Yours, with profuse sweat,

June 20th, 2014

We said we would be releasing it, and here it is! Check out this special edition version of the track "The Dreamer Reborn", with just vocals and real string ensemble. Featuring Eva Lawitts of Sister Helen´╗┐ on Double Bass, Shaheen Malick on cello, and Vile on violin. Thanks to Nightlife Productions & Studios´╗┐!


If ya like it, please share it! Get the word out, pretty please? More to come!

With love, the loveliest of loves,


June 15th, 2014

Yo! Hope you've been well and all that. We had a photo shoot with the amazing Jewel Frankfeldt the other day! We'll have some sweet shots featuring the newest additions to the CC crew up soon!
We're releasing a sneak peak of the track "The Dreamer Reborn" this Friday, and we're lining up shows for the summer! Peep the pics section for select stills from the upcoming video! Stick around for more shows, song snippets, and more!!

Always, with most sincere affection,

May 26th, 2014
Hey hey hey! We're still plugging away at the music video! In the meantime, check out Ari and Vile playing an acoustic set at Milk River tomorrow night, and the whole band is playing Going Green's album release party on June 7th! Hope we see ya there!


May 14th, 2014
I'm speechless. I can't even begin to correctly express my joy and gratitude for this last weekend. Between all of the AMAZING contributors to the Indiegogo, where we raised $1,125, aka 225% of our goal, the 70 people that came out for the video shoot in rainy weather and lost their fucking minds, to the amazing production company that helped bring our visions to life, this was one of the greatest days of my life.
Thank you.
- Vile
                                                              Click the photo, or head over to the "Pics" section for more shots from the video!

May 10, 2014

Today's the big day! Meet us at 24 Havemeyer street! Git you featured in our video for "Brightside"!! If you wanna sing along, go ahead and download the track for FREE here:

See ya there!
- Vile

May 1st, 2014

Hey there! We just launched our Indiegogo campaign to help fund the "Brightside" Music Video shoot/show/party!  Click the pic below to view our Indiegogo! You can get sweet prizes, like Vile personally writing you a song about whatever you want, video credits, private performances & more!

The shoot's on for May 10th! There's gonna be breakdancers, pirates with lasers, free food, fire poi and sword artists, free booze at the after party, graffiti artists, burlesque dancers, the list gets crazier every day. More details here:

You can also download the track for FREE here:

Help us out on Indiegogo, spread the word, share, enjoy the track and hopefully we see you on May 10th around 3pm?

See ya!

Love, (For reals, y'all),

April 14th, 2014
Hello hello! Check out this awesome article on Broken Records Magazine  about us! Look it!

The  Brightside video shoot is on May 10th! Come bring all your friends and help us make this ridiculous video together! Check the Facebook page event for more details!

See you soon!
- Vile

March 30th, 2014

YO! May 10th is the official music video date, and we need extras!!!

Help us out by coming to the shoot, enjoying free food and booze, and basically just partying with us all god damned day.
Bring everybody. Seriously.
(Click the pic for the FB event)

Email for details.
- Vile

March 6th, 2014

Well hello again! It's nice to hear from you, too. Sorry for the long hiatus. Vile injured her voice, but is now 100% and the band is rearing to go! First up! We've got a music video/show/party planned for May 10th. Free food, free booze, free entertainment, it's gonna be a dope ass party and you need to bring everybody.
More details to come!
We got some line up changes and sneak peaks in store, so stick around, because so much has changed in the last year, and we're excited to share it with you all.

Be well and all that,


November 15, 2013
Hey there! Life treatin' you alright? I hope so. What's going on with us? Well, first off, we've been in the studio, working hard. If you're lucky, some sneak peaks might be leaked soon to whet the appetite.
We were recently featured in the webseries "Unrelated" by Hypokrite Productions, check it out!

We also had the pleasure of working with Harts Ortiz of the Hart Bass Photography Company, check out some of the select photos from the photo shoot!

(More in the pics section)

And Finally, I have a vine profile! Go follow me (Vile Of Circadian) to enjoy my antics.
Stay tuned for more bits and pieces, like sneak peaks at new music and videos)!

With no intended malice,
- Vile

August 25, 2013

Oh summer, how I shall miss thee so...

The season has come and passed, and now we lie in wait of all the 'wake me up when September ends' jokes. I'm talking to you, Tumblr.

With that, we're heading back into the studio to bring you an entire complete album! It'll take us a while, sure, but when that's done, it'll be worth the wait. In the mean time, you can whet your appetite with a copy of our EP, "Someone Out There Loves You After All":

We'll keep you posted with new songs, new shows, new photos and such, but until then, rest easy Killjoys.

With love or equivalent,

Vile and the rest of the CC crew.

June 15, 2013

Well hello again!

We have a few announcements:

1.) We have returned, and we are here to destroy everything. Confusion and fear shall ravage across the land, and you will never get your Scott Pilgrim DVD back, no matter how many times you ask for it. You can bring it up, but we will  change the subject.

2.) We have a show coming up on June 21st as a part of the Make Music New York Program! Our set is from 7 to 9 pm in Park Slope, in front of
Princess Pizza (On the corner of 14th street and 5th avenue).
You should come! We'd love to see you there!

3.) We did just relatively recently release our EP, "Someone Out There Loves You After All" on iTunes, Amazon, and a bunch of other outlets (you can even pick it up on Spotify, if that's your thing.) You can pick up a copy here:

4.) I am aware that we say this with some frequency, but we really do have some big plans for the summer. Stay tuned for more show updates, photo shoots and a BIG set of announcements at the beginning of July (HINT: Wherever you are, we *might* just be breezing by...)

So those are a few things! Enjoy them!

With love or equivalent,

Vile and the rest of the CC crew.

April 7th, 2013

It's official; our first EP, "Someone Out There Loves You After All" is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon!

Get yourself a copy, and share it with your loved ones! Or your mortal enemies, we're not ones to judge. Enjoy the tunes, and leave a review if you please. We just wanted to say, whether you've known us since we were in high school playing in my creepy basement with dog sized rats, or you've only just stumbled upon this page now (in which case I'd like to assure you the rats are no longer a problem), from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT! We've had a lot of good times and met a lot of crazy people, and we can't wait to keep at it.

Keep running, and we'll see you at the after party.

Vile and the rest of the CC crew.

March 26, 2013
This one will be a quick update:

Our tracks for our forthcoming EP, 'Some One Out There Loves You After All', will be out within the next two weeks. Stay tuned for more details!

Until then,

Vile and the rest of the CC crew.

January 25, 2013

Happy new year, sort of.

Circadian's got some stuff available for you!
Firstly, we have a show coming up February 1st at Tobacco Road at 7:00, so you best mark it in your schedule robots.
We're sharing the bill with our good friends Going Green with Freekstile, so it'll be a good one, I promise.
Not only will it be an awesome show, but it's our OFFICIAL EP RELEASE! So come on by if you want to pick up a hard copy, each one with a personal message written inside!
Not in New York/can't make it to the show due to Libertarian Dragons? No problem! Our songs will be available for download via Itunes, Amazon and a bunch of other places later!

Remember friends, February 1st!

Be well and all that,

Vile and the rest of the CC crew.

October 25th, 2010

Dear, oh dear, am I not too great at updating things frequently. An announcement to be made regarding this soon! (Team members might help get the gears in this clock grinding. Get it? Clock? Because there's a clock in the, I'm sorry, that was terrible.)

EP's almost done. We've put up some short preview clips of the two other songs on the EP, 'Brightside' and 'Someone Out There Loves You After All', so peep them here:

So get a copy for yourself and various other people you like!

We've also got NEW Video up! Check out our performance on the Chris Gethard Show here, where we play 'Brightside' and Premier 'The Dreamer Reborn':

Live long and prosper, etcetera, etcetera.


Vile and the rest of the CC crew.

July 31, 2012

Ello 'ello! I've been super busy in the studio editing tracks for our 3 song EP, which you can get FOR FREE!!
How does one obtain a free copy?
Email for a free reservation to 'The Chris Gethard Show' (Which, by the way, you should just be watching). Reserve as many spots as you need for the August 1st show, when Circadian Clock will be playing! Wear costumes/crazy shit!! I wanna see this party go wild!

Don't underestimate the strange, magical beauty that is the Gethard Show and hold back your weird ass tendencies when you come! I once watched Chris Gethard get tied down to a chair and beaten to death by dildoes. True Story.

Yea. We better see you there.


Vile and the rest of the CC crew.

March 24th, 2012

Good Morning!

It's bright and far too early as I write this at an unholy hour for musicians (9 am), but here's some stuff for you to think about.
Our show with Lachi and King Aswad is tonight! We go on at 8 @ the Shrine World Music Venue in East harlem, so go see us and say hi. More info under the 'Upcoming Shows' section of our site!

Circadian is also being interviewed by Chakradio in April as their featured artist, so more details on that as we approach that month.
Yadda yadda yadda, working on our EP/Album, blah blah blah music video out sometime in the future...
We'll come around eventually.


Vile and the rest of the CC crew.

March 10th, 2012

Man oh man, am I happy I'm not a writer. I would die immediately.
I'll skip the usual banter and give you the bones of what's up:

1.) We're playing a FREE show with Lachi & the Meridian Gold and King Aswad on March 24th at The Shrine World Music Venue! More Info under the 'Upcoming Shows' Section of our site!

2.) We're working on our 3 song EP, due out Late March, so pick up a copy somehow when it's done.

More Details as they happen! See you soon!


Vile and the rest of the CC crew.

 February 7th, 2012

Hey there, yo! Vile here. I realize it's been a while since we've updated, but rest assured this next flurry of updates will be constant.

Within the week, I'll be releasing a small demo clip of 'Brightside' for your listening pleasure! However, i'll also be taking down all of the old audio recordings, so if you want them for some strange reason, you better get them now.

Next up, Wednesday night, the 8th of February, i'll be battling it out for the title of Random Melissa on the Chris Gethard Show! Vote for me!!! Watch it on MNN channel 67 at 11, on, or right here under the 'Videos' Section. Voting happens on the
Make my dreams come true? SHOW INTERACTION IS ENCOURAGED!! 
Facebook event here:


Vile and the rest of the CC crew.

August 19, 2011
Greetings, yo! We have things for you! Listen up!

Firstly, we have two shows coming up on the Same day! Mark the date, AUGUST 27!

One at 3:00 at the Living Room with Lachi (21+), the other all ages at the Yippie Museum Cafe's underground!
More details in the 'Upcoming Shows' Section of the site. Fb events here:

Secondly, The music video is complete. Yup. It will be released August 26th.

Thirdly: If you want FREE mp3's of Circadian Clock, go here and find out how:

Thirdly, We have some new pics for the curious, courtesy of the lovely folks at MVP Studios! Peep 'dat Pictures section.

Vile and the rest of the CC crew.

 July 14, 2011

Hey there! Sup everybody? Hope you're enjoying your summer, It's a pretty nice one so far in NYC.

Nothing particularly new, Just updating the site. We're working on a few projects at the moment, the video, the Jane's addiction contest, an E.P., you know, stuff that bands do.

Voting for the Jane's addiction Contest is still on going!
Clicky the link to see how to help!
We really need your support here! Can you help us?

We have a tumblr now. CHECK IT OUT AND FOLLOW AND ALL THAT OTHER JAZZ!! We has funnies.

Vile and the rest of the CC crew.
P.s. Did you know that in the Dominican Republic they put Doritos on their Cheeseburgers?

June 16, 2011
Happy birthday!
Almost, anyway. My Birthday is June 18th, and to celebrate, we have a show scheduled on June 20th at Sullivan Hall at 7:30!! It'll be a glorious show, and YOUR ATTENDANCE IS highly requested. You don't need to get me anything for my birthday, just your presence is more than enough. <3
More details in the Event section of the website.

More Video from the June 4th show at Public Assembly is available online. Peep the vids section.

Voting for the Jane's addiction Contest is on going!
Clicky the link to see how to help!
We really need your support here! Can you help us?

Working hard, as always. Some projects in the Works, but I'm keepin that on the DL till they come to fruition.

Vile and the rest of the CC crew.

 June 9, 2011
Circadian Clock is currently entered in a competition to win a slot to open for Jane's Addiction, and we need YOUR HELP to do it!!

Basically, go here:
And follow the instructions. We can't do this without you, our fans, so PLEASE!! Give us a hand here.

More Video from the Dyke March benefit show will be uploaded onto our youtube channel, which you should follow to watch awesome videos of our performances and silly tom-foolery and other non-such.

We're working on a couple things right now. As always, we'll keep you posted!


Vile and the rest of the CC crew.

June 5, 2011

Oi! Vile here, with what's in motion ATM for CIRCADIAN CLOCK.

We played the Dyke March benefit, it was tons of fun, lots of dancing, fury, jumping and the treats over at the dyke-ery where some sort of fantastic!
Thank you to the kind members of the Dyke March Committee for allowing us to grace the stage!

We are working on Bringing to you HD video and HQ Audio of the show, two of the videos are available on site, but the rest are still being produced. We hope you enjoy them! You can watch them in the 'Video' section of the site.

Of course, we're still working on the video. Not TOO much longer, now...<3

We Also finally updated the Picture section of the site, Plenty of awesome stuff will be in there, so please, feel free to look!
If you want to play a show with us or book us, please, Let us Know!!!

More News coming soon....
UPDATE 6/7/2011
We now have Tumblr and Twitter, thanks to the awesome PR team!!!

Vile and the rest of the CC crew.

 May 26, 2011


Hey there everybody! Quick update on the band!

1.) We're playing a show, a benefit for the Dyke march, on June 4th at 3:00 at Public Assembly in Brooklyn. You should go! Support the gay community, listen to some good music, and buy a cookie.

More info on our 'Upcoming shows' section, or click to the left to go directly to the FB event!

2.) The Music video. Still working on it. It'll be worth the wait, which won't be much longer, I promise.  Samurais, Female warlocks, demons, magic, portals, Fireballs, and lots of sweet fight scenes. You KNOW you have to watch it.

Wes is back for the summer, so plenty, and I mean PLENTY, will be going down.
Since we'll be busy, expect several updates soon.

Vile and the rest of the CC crew.

 March 5, 2011


Things have been done, since we last spoke, dearest reader.

Firstly, you see that video at the top of the page? If you haven't watched it it.

It's only a slim little shaving of the behemoth that will be our first music video for 'Ashes In The Dust', Which will out by then end of March.

In fact, everything is tentatively timed to occur at the end of march. So, be prepared.

Like us on facebook to the left, and get everybody you know and their mother to follow suit. 'Cause, you know, It would help. Then find our Facebook Group so we can send you tons of annoying messages. Yep.

Peace and love, (we all know this world needs a little bit more of it right now,)

-Vile and the rest of the CC crew

 January 12, 2011


Happy New Years Everybody! Cheers, Kanpai, Skal, however you celebrated, I hope you had a good one.

This is a VERY busy month for Circadian, With the goal of Mastering Ashes in the Dust, Finishing our music video, and beggining recording our NEW studio track, 'Brightside (Shit Happens)'

The book "Jane's Addiction: In the Studio" is Finally out, you can see us in there! Its pretty cool. Go check it out!

We'll be spammin you plenty. Trust us.

<--- Like us on Facebook! It will bring you happiness!

P.S. Peep our new section, Press.


- Vile

November 10, 2010


Hey everyone! Just continuing to update the site and such! New bio's up, check the "Band members" Page for it.

A new song, Vile's Revolution, Is now available in the "Music" page of this site. Go listen/buy!

To the left, there's a facebook thingee-majigger. Click like! If you're already here, you really should! We just started a Fan page because before we had a group, but the shift is just beggining now. Like us on Facebook, or from right here, and tell all your friends! We're more fun than a pillow fight!

Also, you can now follow Vile and thusly CC on Twitter!

Personally, I'm not a twitter gal, but it's what's hip with the kids nowadays, so...

Ashes In The Dust is still available as a free download.

More Updates to come in the Photos section!

Good day!

- Vile

November 5, 2010

Hello Hello Everyone! CC here, with some updates!

The most exciting one of course, being....


*banners and confetti*

Yes, It's True. Vile gives up on guitar.

So please join us at welcoming him further at our next show, TBA.

As always, we have super secret news, but we'll keep that under wraps until the time comes.

I've updated a few areas of the site, and will continue to. Check it out.

Download 'Ashes in the Dust' FOR FREE on the Music section of our page!

Why? Because we love you!


Fare well, our beloved,

Vile and the rest of CC, including Arcody.

October 22,2010

I have to admit, that I've always been extremely terrible at keeping journals, personally, which I will now use as a feeble excuse to justify my long absence of updating the site.

So, a couple stories short:

1.) Our Song, Ashes In The Dust, Is officially in the book "Jane's Addiction: In The Studio."

A super duper SEXY version of it too. You can download it here:

2.) We have a show once again at National Underground! Check "Upcoming shows" section for details, as always.

3.) This announcement...Is a secret until after the show! But it's a good one!

That's all..for now...folks...


August 22, 2010

I'm gettin my wisdom teeth removed tommorow....

It's gonna suck.

What is NOT going to suck, however, is Wes' LAST CIRCADIAN CLOCK SHOW of the summer!

Yes, it's true. She's going to Oberlin, which is in Ohio, and thusly, this will be one of her last shows for a while, so PLEASE check out the Upcoming shows section of the website for information!!!

Also, check out the new section "Press" where we link to newspapers, blogs and general articles written about us!

That's it!

Wonderwoman, OUT!

jk it's just me Vile.

Once again, my fair city, thank you for your generous donations.

August 16, 2010

Hey hey hey everybody!

Thank you to everyone who showed up at our last show, truly, and Thanks to Digamy,Jru&Tate and The N'ere DoWells for playing!

We don't have any shows right now, but I promise you I'll let you know when we do.

Projects, always with the projects...

A short update this time, I suppose.

See you soon!

- Vile

As always, thank you for your generous donations, my fair city.




August 11, 2010

Wow, I really suck at updating this website.


Anyway, We've been out and about. Schooling (yes, even during summer)


and galavanting.

So, We bring to you, what will regrettably be,

our last shows of the summer.

This Saturday we have a show at the production lounge in brooklyn, with Jru and Tate and The N'ere DoWells. It'll be a good show, so show up or i'll do a strange dance, and at first you'll be like "wow what a neat dance" but after a while it'll start getting really creepy.

Tickets are Ten monies. Plus, CDS will be available for your purchasings.

Then on the 22nd, there is a show at the National underground!!! Will there be other bands playing? Will queer eye for the straight guy ever be recognized as the greatest show on television today?

Ionno, i'll figure it out later.


Also, It's official, Our song Ashes in the Dust will be included in the Janes Addiction "Behind the Studio" Book release! With our photos and Bio's and Errrrr thang. Quite happy about it!


I;ve been trying to go to sleep for a few hours but i've been watching this tea flower bloom in water and its really interesting, butiwannagotosleepsobad.


Once again, Thank you, My Generous City, for your donations, kind words and support.

- Vile



July 7th, 2010

Hey hey one and all!!

Alright, so the big moment has arrived!!!

Not only are we Headlining The Jamsterdam festival, but we will finally be selling our CDs, available for your purchasing will!

Along with stickers and possibly other paraphernelia and such.

We'll have new songs for you, and as always, our love.

More info on the Upcoming shows section of our site.

Roman Midnight Music wrote a review about our music, read it here:

We REALLY hope to see you at Jamsterdam! lots of other bands will be playing, the festival is all day long! Jamsterdam's website is right here:

If you love us, we love you!!!

- Vile

once again, thank you for your generous donations, my fair, fair city.




June 17, 2010

Gya! the day before Vile's birthday! I'm excited!

Some things comin up REAL soon, yo!

Show at GQ on the 24th, as always, free, and it's a dance, so have fun!!!

Then july 2nd, a show at the Yippie museum,

Then, july 9th, FESTIVAL TIME BABY!!! We're headlining our very first FESTIVAL!!! Jamsterdam!!

More Details soon, my loves!!!!

<3 <3 , <3!!

Once again, thank you for your generous donations, my fair city.

-Vile, excited, and out!!!



May 29, 2010

We've been super-high quality recording one of our songs, Ashes in the Dust, to put on a compilation album. We're gonna

keep in on the DL for now, but we'll let you know and soon and our projects bloom.

June 9th, We'll be playing For Queens Pride, so come on out and find us, and Say hi and listen to our set. No details set in

stone yet, But we'll keep you posted as much as we can.

And how am I doing, you may ask?

I cannot stop listening to Christina Aguilera. It's a problem.

Once again, my fair city, thank you for your generous donations.

- Vile


May 16, 2010

Hello everyone!!! Today is a nice peace-ful morning. UNTIL WE START ROCKING!!!!

we've got alot of super secret super awesome projects coming up, and some nummy new songs for your listening pleasure as well.

Today, may 16, starting at 4, we're on Real Deal Women radio streaming live from this site.

So go to the video section of the site and check that out.

Once again, my fair city, thank you for your generous donations.

- Vile <3


April 13, 2010

Well, Things with greenpoint didn't exactly work out, but life goes on, it goes on to radio interviews.

so if you are at this site, reading this right now, and the date is april 14, 2010, in between the time of 5 to 6:30, click on the video section of the site and watch, damnit!

then of course on friday we have our free show at GQ. its an open mic, so feel free to open for us with a song or a poem.

then on the 25th, the yippie museum.

Join us friends.

- Vile


April 8, 2010

Wow, It's been nearly a year since the site went up. I suppose how the time flies, hm?

We have ALOT of activity coming up.

We have a show tommorow at the greenpoint gallery,

A Radio show hosted by "Real Deal Soul Radio with Kodi Michelle" streaming live from this very site on wednesday, the 14th,

A GQ day of silence, night of noise show at Generation Queer on the 16th,

And a show at the Yippie Museum with Not from Concentrate and Datura on the 25th.

Check the upcoming shows section and the video sections of the site for more information!

- Vile



CC is cancelled cuz everybody died or something. I don't know what happened, but when I got to band practise everyone was covered in ketchup and nes controllers.

Just kidding! I suck at april fools day. Only because I'm not as cruel as I used to be.

Vile has been getting the gears in motion, we have practise today, several shows coming up.

If you're here because I gave you a flyer, thank you so much for coming.

If your just hear of your own accord, thank you so much for coming.

Goodies to come soon, I promise.

- Vile of Circadian Clock, OUT!



March 23, 2010

I apoligize, internet, We've been quite inactive, but never you mind that, the point is we are back on track!! Planning LOTS of new songs, LOTS of new shows, and lots of new energy!!! New vids and photos soon, oh so very soon.

As for Vile personally, I've been singing on the subway to earn money for the things we need (and we do really need them.)

For this I want to take amoment to thank new york for being so generous. Thank you all.


January 20, 2010


We have a show coming up on the 28th, at the Ace of Clubs, where we had our first show. A nice venue, a nice time, and certainly some wonderful memories. Come to the show and watch us kick the ass of the ghost of our first performance.

More info on the Upcoming shows section of the site.


We'll also be editing the tracks a bit the day after, so expect some nummies of that kind as well.


-Vile, OUT!



December NEW YEARS EVE 31, 2009

The Recordings. We got 'em. Go listen.

They're not edited or mixed right now.

They will be soon.

So these are like a very close to finished sneak preview.

Hope you like them!

- Vile and all of Circadian Clock

: December CHRISTMAS 25, 2009

Almost the New year, the new decade, except no-one hiding under bombshelters waiting for the world to explode.


I hope everyone had a good whatever the hell you celebrate! Cheers.





We've got a late chrismahannukwanzikadonyears present for you.

Especially you, Bisexuals.

This update brought to you in part by Wendy, and Vile.


Update: December 6th, 2009

Afternoon, mi hearties. Things have been a bit slow, I've been trying to book gigs and such, and I suppose we shall see what will happen.


Or rather, alot more of them.

So their kindof new.

- Vile


Update: Novmber 22, 2009

We just had a show at vox pop, Its a really nice small place. We had alot of fun, and I think it went over pretty well.

We're working now, and soon you shall see the fruits of our labors!

I promise

 ()    ()     

(TT.TT)  <(but why are you guys taking so long to re-record?)

(^  .   ^)@

good question, Circadian clock fan bunny. I've been quite adament about it, because I dislike being a liar.

SO, by mid december, you should have your super delicious circadian goodies.



- Vile


Update: November 3rd, 2009

Wow, I can't believe its almost 2010! Our last show at GQ went very well, and were excited for our show on Nov. 21st! You should come out. It's gonna be a good one. It's voting day today in NYC. I wonder who won?My friend pointed out I'm a filthy liar, and I swear I tried to keep the date for recording, but the rest of CC has convinced me its better to wait until after the show. How about this, when we re-record, I'll suprise you. Hell, I'll probably suprise myself. For now, i'll just be here, writing more songs for you!


Update: October 20th, 2009.

hey everybody! Vile here updating from school! Our next show is a battle of the bands at Sullivan Hall! Datura and Neutra will be there, so you know it'll be good. It's gonna be a great show, Ayumi's back, and we have 2 brand new songs for your listening pleasure, "Ashes in the Dust" and "I'd say your not a murderer, but then I'd be lying." More information on the "upcoming shows section of the website", so go and check it out! We're recording in early november. You probably don't even care anymore I've lied so much about it, But the date is actually SET now, so I'm not lying this time, I swear.

- Vile

Update: October 15, 2009

Check the upcoming show sections! we've been quite busy, and have three shows coming up. You, dear reader, will attend ALL OF THEM.

Update: September 20th, 2009

Hey everybody! Circadian is getting off its long break, and back into the flow of things, trying to upload performances, which will be up soon, and i've updated the photo and video section. Were booking some shows soon, for mid and late october, so it's back to the office for us! (though, our office is a very messy room with some instruments in it.)

Love, Vile!

Update: Wednesday, August 6th, 2009

Hello everyone! Vile here! I promise i'll be updating more often, I promise. Ayumi's gotten back from China, so were back on track learnings new songs, writing new songs, and our next show we'll have a delicious new song list for you, I promise! Everyone's been good, And Come september. I swear. We will re-record. you shall have your songs, or I shall give you my soul as payment for my lies.

New videos and pictures up! go check them out!

- Vile !

Update: Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Wow. So, I apoligize, it really has been a good minute since i've updated. The main reason being, not much has changed, really. After our may 22nd show, everyone started studying for Finals and SATs, and then Ayumi left for china, and we were all in the need for a vacation, so we all just took a break, but were picking things up again and are looking for gigs over the summer! Ayumi will be in China, so the awesomely- awesome Bryan Pasian will be subbing for her until she returns! Unfortunately, due to Ayumi being in China, we won't be re-recording before the end of summer vacation, but it should happen some time in September. I Promise.

stay tuned for more, folks!

- Vile  <3

Update: Monday, May 18, 2009

So, you know how your favorite underground bands always say "oh, were recording, it's all gonna be good, etc, etc" and then you get pissed cause they kept pushing it back? Well, unfortunately, That would be us in this case... Our Line up has also changed. The lovely Kala Hawker will not be playng guitar for us anymore, It will be me, Vile, on vocals and guitar.

I promise i'll try my best!

 - Vile

Update: Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hello all! This is a Really busy month for Circadian Clock.

May 15th, battle of the bands at Hunter High.

May 17th, Recording.

May 19th, Project RunGay at Columbia Prep High.

May 22nd, Show at Public Assembly in Brooklyn, With Sister Helen, Moustache Contortion, Datura, Basketball

facebook event here:

If you can only attend one of these promising to be marvelous shows: go to the may 22nd one. Much fun will be had. AT THE EXPENSE OF GOD!?!?! not really.


Update: Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vile here. I saw something very different today. In the subway, a little kid was tap dancing furiously, concentrating intently, and to his left,

there was a sing that said "I'm dancing for someone who can't."

He wasn't dancing for money. He was just dancing. It's really taken me back and put me into a contemplative thought since i saw it.

Were recording on may 17th. So expect some new delicious tunes soon, me hearties!

Vile, out!

Update: Sunday, April 26, 2009

Vile writes things in this box.

A nice morning filled with music by Maxo and Chewing pics, i'm stilled after psyched from the show.

that was ALOT of fun. Everything leading up to it was stress, nervous-ness, but it tied together pretty well.

I loved Datura and Chewing pics, Datura really rocked it the fuck out, and, Gabe has awesome over-alls.

Chewing pics? Everyone in that band was DESTRUCTIVE! Their showmandship is crazy powerful, and alot of fun to watch.

I didn't get to hear Neutra or Basketball due to Music school not letting me go, but I really wanted to.

I had alot of fun, and i hope everyone else did too!

We have a show coming up on May 22nd, and possibly another one before that.

<3 good morning sun <3

Update: Friday, April  24, 2009

Vile, once again. I'm so psyched for the show tommorow! if you guys can come out and see us, we'd be SUPER grateful,

and love you long time. It'll be great, and were playing a new song, Lullaby!

The show is at Don Hills, with lots of other bands. It'll be great! Fun times by all. CC goes on at 6:45, 10 bucks at the door.

Hope to see you guys there! Vile OUT!


Update: Friday, April 17, 2009

Hey, Vile here. I uploaded a video section to the site, there will be plenty of videos soon. Right now, the only few posted up are silly

little things, but past performances, rehearsals and other things will be put up soon. Keep dropping buy for updates!

Update: Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hello world! This is Vile of circadian clock (as it normally is) Given you the updates on CC world!

Website officially launched today, at (if your reading this, your already there.)

We got a show coming up on next saturday, April 25th, With a whole bunch of other bands at Don hills. It's a real nice place at Don Hills, 

I always did want to play there. We are re-recording somewhere in May, right now were mostly working on learning the music, as there is

more music to learn, always.

Ayumi twisted her tendon, ouch! She might be out (or, in, i should say) for a while, but at least it means she doesn't have to go to track!

As always, if anyone wants to book us, anything, please message us! we'd love to have it!


Art by the amazing Claire Pienaar!